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​​Affordable Low Altitude Aerial Visuals

RC HeliCam provides cost effective low altitude aerial photography and video services in places where a full-size aircraft cannot legally or safely fly.  Our aerial platforms are purpose built state-of-the-art systems designed specifically for aerial photography and video.

RC HeliCam caters to many unique applications and customers, including: 

Advertising Agencies:

Aerial views (stills & video) for advertising campaigns, special events, presentations, and aerial advertising.


Aerial views of prospective site and photographic records during construction.


Aerial views of accident locations for re-creation, structural damage, or property disputes.


Business & Home Owners:

Aerial views of property, including progressive additions and renovations, aerial advertising.

Fire & Police Agencies:

Aerial views for search & rescue, surveillance, inspection of hazardous materials incidents, accidents and crime scenes.

Fish & Game Service:

Aerial views for wildlife research & planning.

Forestry Service:

Aerial views for watershed & forestry studies.

Golf Courses:

Aerial views, tee to green, club house & entire course, aerial advertising.

Insurance Companies:

Aerial views of property, property damage, roof inspection, building exterior inspection, and traffic studies.

Landscape Architects, Contractors & Developers:

Before & after aerial views of proposed site, progress and finished product.

Professional Photographers:

Aerial views at your direction.

Real Estate Specialists:

Aerial views encompassing an entire property, showcase luxury homes, visualize the entire neighborhood.

State & Local Government:

Aerial views for traffic studies, land proposals, environmental projects, parks & recreation, inspection of public works facilities, water towers, cellular phone towers, bridges and dams.

Tourism Bureaus:

Aerial views of local attractions.

Universities, Schools & Colleges:

Aerial views of campuses, extracurricular & educational facilities, and special events.

Our Latest work

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