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RC Helicam was started in August of 2001 by Geoff GelayMike Grossman, and Gavin Portnoy.  Together they have more than 30 years of experience in Remote Control vehicles and all have a passion for photography, electronics, computers, and technology.

RC HeliCam was a great opportunity to combine all of the things that interested Mike and Geoff into one place - all while getting stunning aerial visuals that most people never have a chance to see.

The RC Helicam equipment has changed over the years in response to improving technology.  We have used everything from off-the-shelf .30 sized nitro helicopters to custom built gasoline powered 6-foot aerial platforms, and are now utilizing electric powered hexacopters.

Our camera systems have changed as well.  We started with a Canon S110 Elf digital camera, graduated to a Canon GL1, and are now using GoPro HD2 and Sony NEX devices for our shoots.

Let us help you to realize your dream of a spectacular shot to differentiate your work from the crowd.  We can help you to get the visual you can't get anywhere else.

Contact us to inquire about locations, types of shots, cost structure, timeframe, etc.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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